Tony Robbins, Joe Berlinger

How Creative Entrepreneurs can Achieve Success AND Fulfillment

This interview was unique and interesting and a total blast. If you've seen a lot of coverage for Berlinger's new Tony Robbins documentary I am Not Your Guru - I hope to offer you a few unique insights in this video. If you haven't heard about the film yet, you are in for a treat. These two are so accomplished and so different, this episode only scratches the surface. I have gone into much more detail for you in the Pursuit Insider Show Notes, be sure and sign up for them below if you're not an Insider already.  If you enjoy this interview, please be sure and let them know on Twitter!

Tony Robbins is a life strategist who helps people achieve personal and professional breakthroughs. He has reached millions through his wildly popular motivational seminars, his coaching to CEOs, U.S. Presidents and billionaire hedge fund managers, and his five internationally acclaimed books. For more information on Tony, visit TonyRobbins.com.

Joe Berlinger is an Academy Award®-nominated filmmaker whose films include the landmark documentaries BROTHER’S KEEPER, PARADISE LOST, and METALLICA: SOME KIND OF MONSTER. In addition to his documentary work, he is a two-time Emmy and Peabody winner and has created many hours of television as both a producer and director.

After attending Robbins’ Date With Destiny event, Berlinger felt compelled to share the experience with the world through an immersive film of the event. Robbins eventually agreed and after years of follow up and editing, Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru was released in July of 2016. For more information on Joe, visit JoeBerlingerFilms.com.

In this unique interview, the two come together to discuss creativity, vulnerability, risk, and reward.  How can entrepreneurs and artists face repeated failure, criticism and rejection, and still find both achievement and fulfillment? Watch to find out.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How Tony has so much energy (13:43)
  • Why most entrepreneurs underestimate themselves (19:10)
  • Tips for dealing with pressure (22:09)
  • How to become a filmmaker of reality (29:58)
  • Joe's advice for aspiring filmmakers (39:48)
  • What to do if you want to change the world (43:20)


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