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Here you’ll find my blog posts, the behind the scenes Vlog of my life, Friday Favorites, impromptu livestreams and instastories, and other every-day-life-me types of things.

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    “Do you remember anything that you do for fun?” he said. Dang. This is a question I might expect and — let’s be real — enjoy from a wide-eyed fan who is in awe of my…

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    The Itch

    Alt Title: The Patience Alt Alt Title: The Big Break   Guys. Oprah has a new cookbook coming out in January. Often, if an influencer has a new book coming out, I…

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    The Writing

    Alt. Title: The Hiding Alright, here I am, showing up. I actually got up at 5 after only one snooze, I have a steaming cup of coffee and a flickering hazelnut candle…