Derek Halpern

How to Go Get Your Audience
(and Your Success)

If you have so much as googled online business or online marketing - you've heard of Derek Halpern and/or Social Triggers. He is exactly the same in person as he seems in his videos and interviews - a loud, hilarious, tell-it-like-it-is hustler. He gave a lot of valuable insights in this one, check it out!

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Learn more about Derek at socialtriggers.com.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to overcome a roadblock (6:22)
  • Tips on what to do when things don't seem to be gelling together (16:52)
  • Expert advice for trying to build your brand in today's market (20:26)
  • Advice on writing and keeping track of ideas (34:12)

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Why did you choose to have Derek Halpern as a guest?

There are actually a few reasons, beyond his success. I want to interview more entertainers and they are HARD to get, so this opens that door. This also exposes the show to some new viewers who love him and have probably never heard of me or may not even watch this type of show/ podcast. Lastly, his publicist also represents DJ Khaled who I am dying to interview!

How’d you get the interview?
I just reached out to his assistant or an email on his website - however it helped that I'd already interviewed his NY friends Ramit Sethi, Todd Herman, Kimra Luna, etc!

What was he like in person?
Friendly, funny, loud, direct - basically exactly like he is in all of his videos.

What went well?
A lot, he was great!

What went wrong?
Listen, you guys, New York is CONFUSING. So I often get turned around, go to the wrong place, grossly underestimate how long commuting will take etc. All of that to say we were late. I felt horrible because he was waiting on us at the space, but he was nice about it!

Did you hear anything from him after the episode was published? Yes! We have stayed in touch via email and Facebook. He shared the Entrepreneur piece and he said he would share the direct YouTube link as well, but I'm not sure I saw that happen. Still, he was trending on Entrepreneur.com for a couple days which is great for me as a writer, so I am grateful to him!

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