NASCAR Driver Julia Landauer

How to Build Your Brand Like a NASCAR Driver

Until you make it to the big leagues in NASCAR, you have to pound the pavement to get your own sponsorships. That's what Julia Landauer has been doing, as well as making a name for herself as a speaker and media personality - all as one of few females in her entire industry. If you want to get sponsorships and learn how to thrive even as an underdog in your field, you will love this interview!

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In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How a New Yorker ended up as a race car driver (1:54)
  • How to land sponsors (6:57)
  • Personal branding tips (12:05)
  • Advice for being a woman in a male-dominated field (18:25)

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Why did you choose to have Julia Landauer as a guest?
She is a solopreneur in an unexpected field, out there crushing it and getting sponsors and winning on the track, basically all on her own.

How’d you get the interview?
Her publicist actually reached out to me! Score!

Where was the interview?
We rented a breather room in NYC for this

What was she like in person?
Very laid back, warm, friendly, fun!

What went well?
Prettymuch everything!

What went wrong?
Since our interview, a lot of my celebrity guests had time-sensitive deadlines (for example they wanted their episodes to air when their books came out, etc) so Julia was filmed last year and it took months before I could actually publish her episode. I felt badly about that!

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