One Tactic to Get Focused

I've been doing some reading, researching, and watching lately. It's important to keep educating ourselves and learning new business tactics, right? Right. Lately I have noticed a recurring theme: focus. Laser focus, to be exact. I'm currently in the last editing stages of my book, planning a book launch party and tour, planning out my speaking calendar, preparing for my first online course, consulting for multiple business clients, coaching a couple awesome soloprenuers one-on-one, oh and you know, being a mom and a wife and planning the world's best Fun in the Sun Party First Birthday. Ummm Focus is hard.

Entrepreneurs wear many hats and are pulled in a million directions all the time - how are we supposed to have "laser" focus on just one thing? Or even just one aspect of our business? We're out there trying to create a culture, promote a brand, and then of course add revenue streams and additional products. Add social media platforms we "have to" be on to be relevant. Adding marketing tactics. Adding apps. Adding subscriptions to things. Here's what I've decided for myself. This is my new mantra starting Monday (after the birthday party ;)::


Remove remove remove remove. I might disable some social media accounts. I think I will put some business initiatives completely on hold until the book launch and tour is over. I might remove some of my external posting and marketing and focus just on my internal network of email subscribers. I might move some money around and hire an intern for some tasks so that I am not spending so much time designing these babies each week. In terms of mental and physical well being I'm thinking of removing coffee and/or sugar (pray for me). I haven't decided just quite what is going to go yet, but some things have got to go.

If we want to be the best, we have to focus. Focus means clearing the clutter, trimming the fat, and staying in our sweet spot.

Do you struggle with focus? What can you remove from your life or business to help you be a better you? 

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