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This I wrote about the amazing friend I made at Launch Out, Abbie, who quickly became my accountability partner. Well, we're taking "partner" to the next level today!

Calling all Female Entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs, Solopreneurs! You have URL and an idea, and not much else. You have an etsy shop with products and want to grow. You just started consulting or freelancing full-time - or hope to soon. You have a home business, blog, or hobby and want to make more money for your family. This is for YOU!

Abbie and I have combined our passion and our talents to create shequip - an organization that helps women start and build their small business.

We are so excited! Our mission is to inspire, empower and equip women to start and build a small business. The start can be the hardest part. So many questions, so many ideas, so many goals that seem so far away. We want to help women overcome all of that. If you are aspire to be a sassy, chic and savvy entrepreneur, mompreneur, or solopreneur, we want to connect with you!


We believe that there is something special about face-to-face, leave-your-house, meet-other-people-as-crazy-as-you live events. It was at such an event that the our founders met. We will add online courses and recorded webinars in the future, but our heart is to get out and MEET YOU so we can equip, inspire and encourage you.

We want you to take a DAY OFF from everything else and focus on investing in your dreams. We want you to think of our events almost like a day-cation. You will leave shequip events with practical action items and how-tos to take your business to the next level. You will also leave feeling inspired and invigorated. You’ll be shequipped!  View Upcoming Workshop


We want to provide women with tools to get started and gain momentum quickly. Check our our first resource, the Start It Up Checklist!


It can be hard to build something, whether on the side apart from your full-time job, full-time from your craft room or physical store, from home as a mompreneur, or on your own as a solopreneur. We want to connect you with other women through local events in your area and our online community. To join us, sign up to receive emails and access to the private community group.

We will also be giving back to communities where we have events, giving 10% of proceeds to a local women's shelter or charity for women.

Women in small business, or aspring to be, hustlin' mama, frustrated young go-getter in a job you hate, nearing-retirement wise ones, we are here for you. Please join our community and let's build meaningful businesses together!

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