Why You Should Take More Selfies

Yes, you read that title correctly. I know, I know, right now everyone would rather talk about how we're all becoming narcissists. Note: If you are a teen or tween reading this and think "Hooray! Someone has given me permission to post more duck face 'photoshoots!'" NO. That is not happening.If, however, you are trying to build your personal brand in order to reach your next goal on your journey, or you are a consultant or small business owner, hear me out.

Content Marketing's Litte Brother
Content is King, you know what's Queen? Culture. Lifestyle. Finding like-minded people. Just think about who you follow actively online. Now think about your favorite posts of theirs. Some may be the most useful/helpful posts (content) but my guess is the next favorite is the one where you get a house tour, or a glimpse of what they're up to on a Saturday. Or getting to peek behind the curtain and see what their office looks like. Michael Hyatt has built an entire membership site so people can do just that - peek right into his home and business.

Let's Get Vulnerable! 
Permission to get real for a second. Remember in my first video, I mentioned that I had many reasons not to start. One of which is my weight. It hasn't been a year since I popped out a 9 lb 11 oz child. (I will always mention how much she weighed because that's a dag gum badge of honor if ever there was one!) I do not like to post selfies, which I realize is interesting since I post videos of myself each week, but in my videos I'm educating and entertaining and I can get lost in what I'm doing. A photo, however, is static and can be analyzed and usually I hate how they look. But they get the most likes. More than my adorable kid and more than my dogs and more than my inspirational quotes. Look through and see which of your interactions get the best response? The personal ones! Why? Because people are following YOU. Not your dogs or cat or your meals (unless you are a chef or nutritionist or something.) Yes, they're following your business and products too, but people want to CONNECT. They want to be part of a culture where they fit in, and seeing your real life helps them do that.

So, don't go crazy or anything, but start incorporating selfies and real life snapshots into your blog/social media strategy. You'll be glad you did, and so will your followers!

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