Are You Making This Giant Career Mistake?

You've finally made it. You’ve reached a landmark and now you’re leading others and have a small team of allstars around you. Congratulations! But reaching a hilltop tempts so many to get complacent. Once you land your dream job or finally start your business or launch your product, you might be tempted to let your personal brand slide. This is a giant career mistake that SO many make! It seems harmless, after all you just reached the top of an important hill! Your dream job! That promotion, FINALLY! You finally launched! Well, yes, but it’s a hill. Is it your mountaintop? Your dream life realized? Is it your peak? Hopefully not, unless you're 60 or 70. Who wants to peak at 25? Or 35? Or 50?!

Will you still love your new position in a couple years? A year? A month? You can't know for  sure! I can think of multiple people right now who have finally made it into a job they love so they have let their Awesome File and their personal branding become outdated. A job once loved can become a job truly dreaded as soon as a teammate is hired or fired. {tweet that}We have all seen one terrible client or one project from hell send company morale into a tailspin, am I right?  If that happens in a few months or years from now, and you haven't been diligent, it will be much harder to start climbing again towards your dream! Remember, you are working for yourself, no matter where you are employed! Remember, if you're not investing in your own life plan, you're investing in someone else's and guess what they have planned for you? Not Much! {Jim Rohn}

Stay committed to your dreams. Set calendar alerts to update your digital and physical Awesome File, and keep revising your personal mission statement and social media strategies. You'll be so glad you did!

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