How To Get To That Next Level!

Happy Thursday Climbers! I hope you took the time to work through the questions from last week in order to assess your strengths, goals, and dream destination in life! This week answers a question I get ALL the time, "How can I get to the next level in my career? How can I finally get promoted? How can I become a leader? How can I be ready for my big break (next job, raise, etc)" I cover the first chapter in the Focus Your Efforts section of my book, which subscribers get in full plus 2 sets of worksheets! I want you to subscribe today so you get the free downloads and find ways to add value where you are, plus start compiling your own Awesome File! After you get the downloads, I want to hear from you. Email me directly, comment, tweet, etc. Were the worksheets detailed enough? Was there anything missing?Did you learn something new? Next week we’ll cover the next chapter of Focusing Your Efforts, how to leverage all that’s available to you in order to skip a considerable amount of climbing.

Subscribe below for book excerpt (which goes into much more detail than the video), and don't forget to leave a comment! Tune in next week for the next section - how to use all the amazing tools available to us today to bypass years worth of climbing!

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