Women’s Wednesday – Let’s Get Loopy

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.21.58 AMThis week I am excited to feature my sweet friend Elizabeth Newton and her adorable line of stationery, Loops and Belles. There's something really extraordinary about girl and her business, aside from a great person, product and overall brand. That brings me to:


1 - She found a way. 

Elizabeth has always loved great design, paper, type and snail mail, but she has no background in design. ZERO. She freaking signed up for classes in Adobe Illustrator, learned the ins and outs of printing, and jumped in, all on her own. Like WHO DOES THAT. I freaking love it so much I just used the word freaking twice. And look how great her work is, just shows if you have a passion in you, you can learn the rest. She could have said "Oh, I don't know about design I can't do it" or "I should go back to school first and then launch a line" or or or. But she didn't. She decided, I want to do this, and she did it. The end.

2 - She understands Culture as a part of branding.

As you may have read in my post on FaithDrivenBusiness.com, you can use social media to go beyond posting about promotions. Her instagram stream and product page shows stylized images that appeal directly to her target market. These cards are not for my mom. They are not for everyone. They are for the chic, fun, youngish professionals crowd, and she hits the nail on the head. She could have just put flat jpgs of the card design but she didn't. Because she gets it.

3 - She kept it simple.

I am not good at this point. I would have made a giant website with its own shopping cart and a blog and product videos and way way way too much. Part of that is most likely fear keeping me in the procrastination perfectionism paralysis loop so that I can delay launching things that scare me. (THAT'LL PREACH) Her site is simple and she has just the right amount of products to get started. I'm sure she'll launch all that other stuff later as her brand grows but she didn't need those things to start and so she didn't wait. See again the last sentence of point 1.

If you are looking for some cute snail mail to send to your friends, go shop her store now!

Know an awesome women in biz I should feature? Leave a comment or shoot me an email!


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